I have a dream to
one day build my
own ice rink and
teach all those kids
out there ages 5 to
99 about the
wonders of God I
have been revealed
through the
awesome realm of
You see, through
the years, sports
have withstood
everything and
anything. Wars,
Depression, Racial
Conflicts... An so
has the Word of
God! Let's just say
the King of Kings
has been around a
lot longer than the
King of Sports. This
page is a tribute to
God through
Hockey; they both
have taken with
pride on anything
humanity has dished
out to them.

I believe today's
youth has two basic
1.- Something to
believe in
2.- Something to do
with their free time.

I would very much
contribute to both
here, today.
Guest Book
I played footbal for 12 years and
when it became impossible to me to
continue advancing through the
ranks, that my football carreer  was
over at college. I took up Hockey in
1994 and after the first 6 months of
hockey school went by I just wished
I started playing this great sport
from day 1. Hockey is fast,
aggressive, exciting and
demanding. Let's face it, not many
sports are there where you play
riding 30 mph on two blades of
steel, wielding a big stick, wrapped
in padding and getting in the way of
90 mph projectiles called pucks!